Wednesday, March 11, 2009


* 8 pcs of chicken thighs
  (I like using thighs as they’re more succulent for bbq)
* 6 pcs of shallots
* 6 pcs of garlic cloves
* 7 pcs of candlenuts
* 4 pcs red chili peppers
* 1 cm fresh turmeric
* 2 cm fresh galangal or blue ginger
* 2 tbs paprika powder (to give a reddish color)
~ processed all into a smooth paste

* 2 pcs of bay leaves
* 4 pcs of kaffir lime leaves
* pinch of shrimp paste (optional)
* 1 cup of thick coconut milk
* 3 stalks of fresh Lemongrass - bruised
* Tamarind 2-3 pcs (asam jawa bisa pakai 2-3 mata)
* 2 pcs of indonesian lime or jeruk limo
* 2-3 tbs of Indonesian soy sauce

1.) Heat the pan & sauteed all ground spices, add chicken pieces
  Cook until they change color slightly.
  Add salt, pepper, sugar, shrimp paste
2.) Add 2 cups water, lemongrass, bayleaves, tamarind, coconut milk
  Cover and cook until the water becomes thick. 
  Check chicken tenderness, add more water if necessary
3.) Add sweet soy sauce. Just a few spoons or else it’s going to
  taste like satay. Add kaffir lime leaves
4.) Let it cook for a while until the chicken becomes tender
5.) Set aside chicken - while keep cooking the sauce till thickens. 
  Squeeze a few drops of lime
6.) Grill the chicken over medium heat. Not too long so it stays
  juicy & succulent just to get a nice ‘burnt’ edges
7.) Serve with drizzle the sauce on top,
  sprinkle of bawang goreng or fried shallots.

Empek - empek



-  50 g wheat flour
-  500 ml water
-  2 cloves garlic, finely grated
-  500 g tenggiri fish, finely chopped
-  3 tsp salt
-  2 tsp sugar
-  350 g flour starch
-  2.5 liters of water
-  1 tbsp vegetable oil

-  50 g acid Java
-  150 g brown sugar, fine comb
-  700 ml water

Flavour of mashed:
-  100 g cayenne pepper
-  2 tbsp tong cai
-  5 cloves garlic
-  2 tbsp Ebi, mix with water until soft


-  150 g cucumber, cut small
-  50 g Ebi, rendam until soft, hit it until smooth,fry without oil.

How to create:

• Mix wheat flour with water and garlic. Cooking on the fire while to poke into thick porridge. Lift.
• Mix fish meat with salt, sugar, flour and starch. Poke the dough to become slippery and dull.
• Form the dough into silender (rounded long) to make empek-empek lenjer or content of the egg to empek-empek.
• Cooking oil with water until boiling
• Enter the dough is formed, boiled until light.Take it.
• Cuko: Boil tamarind with brown sugar and water until boiling and sugar dissolves.
• Lift, filtered.
• Cook with ingredients until smooth boiling. Lift. 
• Serving: If you like,fry empek-empek to slightly yellow. Lift, take it.
• Cut. Give cucumber and Cuko. GIve smooth ebi and serve.

Nastar cheese


-  200 grams butter
-  2 yellow grain
-  50 grams of refined sugar
-  350 grams of wheat
-  1 tablespoon maizena
-  1 tablespoon milk powder
-  1 / 4 teaspoon vanilla
-  Pineapple jelly

-  1 yellow grain + 1 tablespoon water
-  50 grams grated cheese for upper

How to make:

1. Shake butter, eggs, sugar until soft.
2. Enter the wheat, maizena, milk, vanilla. Mixed it.
3. Take the dough of marbles. Fill with jelly. Make hole shape.
4. Give topping material and cheese. Oven 170 degrees Celsius 15 minutes.

Cheese Cake Apple

Basic materials: 

-  150 grams of wheat 
-  2 tbsp sugar fine 
-  1 / 4 tsp salt 
-  90 grams of fresh butter 
-  1 yellow 
-  3 tbsp water ice 
-  Contents: 125 grams of cream cheese 
-  125 grams of powdered sugar 
-  3 eggs 
-  100 grams wheat flour 
-  3 tbsp marmalade 
-  2 apples, sliced thin 
-  50 grams raisins 
-  1 orange sunkist, scar skin 
-  PERAS the water 

Sugar topping powder 


-  Skin: Mix wheat flour with refined sugar and salt, mixed flat. Enter the butter, mixed with two knives or a pastry knife until the grain into flour-butter closed. Enter the eggs, water, ice, stir well until the dough can be formed. Istirahatkan for 30 minutes and miller dough setebal 1 cm, put in a plug trays dismantle 20 cm in size. 
Prepare the oven temperature to 175 degrees Celsius, the basic grilled cake for 10 minutes, lift. 

-  Dough contents: shake with cream cheese, sugar, eggs enter one by one while still shaken, enter wheat flour, wheat flour enter, Sunkist orange skin and the water, mixed flat. 

-  Resolution: governance in the basic cake sliced apples, olesi with marmalade adequate, taburkan raisins, tuangkana and pangganga dough for 40 minutes or until browned cooked, lift. 

-  Serve hot or cold. 

-  6 pieces