Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Empek - empek



-  50 g wheat flour
-  500 ml water
-  2 cloves garlic, finely grated
-  500 g tenggiri fish, finely chopped
-  3 tsp salt
-  2 tsp sugar
-  350 g flour starch
-  2.5 liters of water
-  1 tbsp vegetable oil

-  50 g acid Java
-  150 g brown sugar, fine comb
-  700 ml water

Flavour of mashed:
-  100 g cayenne pepper
-  2 tbsp tong cai
-  5 cloves garlic
-  2 tbsp Ebi, mix with water until soft


-  150 g cucumber, cut small
-  50 g Ebi, rendam until soft, hit it until smooth,fry without oil.

How to create:

• Mix wheat flour with water and garlic. Cooking on the fire while to poke into thick porridge. Lift.
• Mix fish meat with salt, sugar, flour and starch. Poke the dough to become slippery and dull.
• Form the dough into silender (rounded long) to make empek-empek lenjer or content of the egg to empek-empek.
• Cooking oil with water until boiling
• Enter the dough is formed, boiled until light.Take it.
• Cuko: Boil tamarind with brown sugar and water until boiling and sugar dissolves.
• Lift, filtered.
• Cook with ingredients until smooth boiling. Lift. 
• Serving: If you like,fry empek-empek to slightly yellow. Lift, take it.
• Cut. Give cucumber and Cuko. GIve smooth ebi and serve.

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